Sam L. Amirante & Associates P.C. Recent Cases

Palatine Man Found Not Guilty at One-Punch Murder Trial

Attorney Sam L. Amirante and Associate attorney Pam Curran proved that the evidence provided by the State did not warrant a First-Degree murder charge for this case. The jury deliberated and came back with a verdict of Not-Guilty of First-Degree murder. 

“Defense attorney Sam Amirante, in his closing arguments, said prosecutors failed to prove that Platt’s actions amounted to first-degree murder. Amirante went for an all-or-nothing verdict, meaning jurors were not given the choice of finding Platt guilty of a lesser crime. Therefore, Platt, who had been out of jail on bond while he awaited trial, walked away free on Friday after the verdict.”  
– Chicago Tribune, June 5, 2015


Jury Trial finds Defendant NOT GUILTY of DUI & Failure to Reduce Speed…

After three day jury trial, client was found NOT GUILTY of driving under the influence, driving with more than .08 blood alcohol and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Attorney Sam L. Amirante proved the state did not have enough evidence to arrest the defendant and the State could not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

DUI – Dismissed

DUI dismissed; violation of speedy trial act!

Battery Charge – NOT GUILTY

Charge of Battery – 38 stitches to the victim; finding NOT GUILTY!

DUI – Not Guilty

DUI Jury deliberation in 13 minutes – finding NOT GUILTY!

14 Counts Felony – NOT GUILTY

Jury Trial; 14 counts felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse & sexual assault – NOT GUILTY!