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“There was simply no evidence to charge him with that,” Amirante said, “and the jury called the state out on that. The evidence was simply not there.”

“Defense attorney Sam Amirante, in his closing arguments, said prosecutors failed to prove that Platt’s actions amounted to first-degree murder. Amirante went for an all-or-nothing verdict, meaning jurors were not given the choice of finding Platt guilty of a lesser crime. Therefore, Platt, who had been out of jail on bond while he awaited trial, walked away free on Friday after the verdict.”

“…“She was relieved that the judge did the right thing,” said Amirante after the trial, adding “those guns should have been melted down and destroyed a long time ago.”

“…Defense attorney Sam Amirante told jurors that investigators failed to garner any concrete evidence to prove the assaults occurred.”

“…Sam Amirante, said prosecutors lacked “a scintilla of evidence” that proved Spizzirri harmed the pooch.”

“…”He was acquitted, as I told you he would be. The evidence simply was not there to convict him — he was innocent. The evidence at trial showed that he was innocent. He was acquitted. …,” said Sam Amirante…”